People say that I may have to strong opinion about dating but my heart is not to be played with and I’m very careful when it comes down to that,I refuse to hop around testing and trying trynna find “the one”,The guy will come to me and if I feel I’m not ready ,He will wait & He will bear much fruit as will I.My time will come and I have no rush for it. Enjoying my singleness!! :-) 

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What you trusting in when you lusting in

For that busty momma that’s strutting in

And you popping bottles you throwing dollars

That’s cool but partner this just in

That you gon’ live forever whether you want to or not

Some of us gon’ end up holy some of us gon’ end up hot

Tell this life to keep my problems kiss my momma when I’m gone

Tell her I have no regrets and I’m home 

-So let em know that when I come to the end of my road

And they ask me was it worth it

The hurting, the pain, and the life I chose

I’ll do it again in a heartbeat, heartbeat, heart heart heartbeat

I’ll tell ‘em I’ll do it again in a heartbeat, heartbeat, heart heart heartbeat

And I die with no regrets-Lecrae -no regrets 

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That very person we praying for could be right under our nose and we can’t even tell, cause we’re to busy looking for the outer appearance that appeases us, and that “perfect” one that matches your list do you know that you might not even get the person exactly like that, but you might be able to see him/her grow to become that person or even better cause that’s just how God is He knows what we need :-) 

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God is for His people in this world not against us,so if relationships and marriages are to represent God’s love for His church there’s no reason for those “us against the world” attitudes in relationships. that is not God’s attitude towards us.

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